Extended payment functions

You can activate or deactivate the extended payment functions as needed in the “Settings” menu.

Bulk processing (DTA/ISO, lists)

Under this menu item you can upload pain or DTA files, as well as entering new payment lists and managing existing ones.

To create pain and DTA files you need an accounting program that is capable of creating the respective file. Please note that the notification rules (requested debit notice) are set directly in the accounting program and transmitted directly with the payment. These can no longer be switched off in the e-banking application.

Incoming payments (retrieve fees and collect via LSV+)

Retrieve incoming ISR and LSV+

You can find the new ISR and LSV+ incoming portals for each account and you can decide whether you would like to retrieve all existing incoming payments or just retrieve the new ones. The previously retrieved incoming payments will also be rejected.

If there is no data to collect, then the message “No data available” is displayed.

Send LSV+ files

You can transfer the LSV+ files directly in the e-banking system. To do so, you need a program that is capable of creating LSV+ files.

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